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Summerhouse skåne

Set in the south-eastern tip of Skåne, this conversion of an abandoned farmhouse re-thinks and plays on the notion of nostalgia and shelter by combining them with very contemporary desires for space, light and nature.

The Cloudy House is an extension to a house in Copenhagen, which had become too small for the family in residence. The shape of the extension sensitively picks up existing features like roof angles and window placements of the old house. Inside, a massive wooden loft hovers in the new living room.


Farm house

An old Catalan farm reimagined. A transformation project in collaboration with Berlin based architect Paola Bagna.

I specialize in residential projects - projects that aim for beauty through the playful and sensitive transformation of existing places, creating spaces that are simple, functional and imaginative. I believe that beautiful architecture is the result of a close dialogue with my clients. I am passionate about collaborative design that delivers at every stage of the project lifecycle. Since 2007 I have collaborated with architects in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Spain. I continue to pursue this philosophy through various architecture & design partnerships internationally.

Jonas Labbé  | Architect  | Cofounder LASC studio

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